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The Blue is a young clothingstore in the heart of Pasing/Munich. It stands for unique fashion - alternative style, as well as reinterpreted classics. With leading brands like Killstar, Iron Fist, Too Fast, Brakeburn etc. From 50s vintage fashion to occult luxery, there is nothing missing.
As an adaptation to the Blue-Piercing the clothingstore lives on individuality, aesthetic and expertise as well. Besides the daily work on the human body, the Blue-Team is experienced with the work of an bespoke tailor.
Fancy dresses and shoes, as well as on-of-a-kind accessories are turning every outfit into an absolute eye-catcher. This store unites subcultural underground must-haves and high-class single pieces to create a wearable street-sytling out of every edgy outfit.
From dark to girly - anything but mainstream.